The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Two Friday April 20th 2018 – Harley Schlanger,, Lega Muelle Attacks on Trump, Cohen Attorney Client Violations by Mueller, Syrian and Scipal Scams by British GCHQ and White Helmet Jihadists, Israel Missile Attach on Doma, Douma Hospital Peter Ford Videos, Senator Rand Paul Questions Syrian Chemical Attacks,

Harley Schlanger,, Lega Muelle Attacks on Trump, Cohen Attorney Client Violations by Mueller, Syrian and Scipal Scams by British GCHQ and White Helmet Jihadists, Israel Missile Attach on Doma, Douma Hospital Peter Ford Videos, Senator Rand Paul Questions Syrian Chemical Attacks, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M,,,, NutriMedcial Report Show,



BY. Harley Schlanger

April 17 — The FBI raid on the office, hotel room and home of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, on April 9, was part of an escalation designed to break Trump.  It occurred in the midst of a desperate London-led offensive to turn Trump against Putin, at a time when Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s “collusion” with Putin in the 2016 election is collapsing.  Since the whole purpose of Russiagate has been to prevent Trump from changing the relationship between the U.S. and Russia, from provocation and confrontation under Obama, to one of mutual cooperation, the same British intelligence networks responsible for the Russiagate lies moved directly against Putin and Russia with new provocations. 

First was the lie from top British officials, including Prime Minister May, that the “Russians” tried to poison a former Russian spy and his daughter.  This story collapsed when the UK chemical warfare experts at Porton Down denied there was any evidence that the poison used in the Skripal case originated in Russia, directly contradicting May and Foreign Minister Johnson.  Next, networks run by British intelligence, including the White Helmets, claimed to have evidence of a chemical weapons attack by Assad’s Syrian military against civilians in Douma, a suburb near Damascus, which has been the scene of a last stand by barbaric jihadist forces.  This typically British “False Flag” operation was designed to place excruciating pressure on Trump, to respond to the chemical weapons charge, without waiting for an investigation to determine whether such an attack had occurred, or proof that if it had, it was Assad who was responsible.

This latest demand for a U.S. attack on Assad came within days of an announcement by the President that he wants to remove all U.S. troops from Syria.

As the pressure increased on Trump to strike against Assad, with the British and French governments leading the charge, FBI agents carried out the raid against Cohen, seizing legal documents, files and computers.  The order for the raid came from the office of the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York, which acted on a referral from Special Counsel and legal hitman Robert Mueller.  Cohen’s attorney called the raid “completely inappropriate and unnecessary,” saying material seized was protected by attorney-client privilege.  Prominent retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz lambasted the raid, calling it a “shocking and disturbing development,” adding that this “is a very dangerous day today for lawyer-client relations.”  He said he believes the purpose may be to exert pressure on Cohen, to get him to “turn against his client.”  Dershowitz, a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, has become a leading critic of the legal assault against Trump.

On the morning of the raid, Trump responded angrily, reiterating his belief that the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt.”  The next day, he tweeted, “Attorney-client privilege is dead”.  Reports circulated that, while he was considering how to respond to the demands that he take military action to “punish” Assad and Putin, he was fuming over reports of the Cohen raid.  By the end of the week, the pressure on him was raised further, with the pre-release excerpts from former FBI Director Comey’s memoir, in which Comey refers to him as a liar, dumb and rude, comparing him to a mafia boss.  Needless to say, these excerpts were featured in all major media, especially those in which Comey demeans Trump, asserting that he is unqualified to be President and a danger to the nation.

In an article on the decision-making process which led to the missile attacks against Syria on April 13, the {Washington Post} on April 15 reported that Trump “was increasingly agitated over the past week as legal and personal crises converged around him.”  It added that Trump was closely “following the New York court proceedings” involving Cohen, and “was fixated on media coverage of…Comey’s new memoir.”   

The following day, the Washington Post (WaPo) proclaimed that the coup against the President has been successful!  Under the headline, “Trump, a reluctant hawk, has battled his top aides on Russia and lost”, the anti-Trump scribblers argue that, despite all the “evidence” that Putin is evil, Trump stubbornly wishes to improve relations with Russia, but his aides succeeded in using the British chemical weapons’ False Flags to finally convince him to give up his desire to improve relations with Russia.  At the same time, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, the unabashed neocon Nikki Haley, proclaimed that the administration will impose new sanctions on Russia within 24 hours, and French President Macron boasted that he had “convinced” Trump to remain in Syria.  Haley seconded Macron’s boast.

But a funny thing happened on the road to World War III.  Later that day, it was reported that Trump was furious with Haley’s announcement of new sanctions, which he said will not be done now, and he announced he STILL intends to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

As the {WaPo} articles indicate, the newspaper continues to be a not just a cheerleader of the anti-Trump movement, but is actively engaged in psychological warfare intended to drive Trump over the edge, to force him to drop his most significant campaign pledges, to get the U.S. out of the war in Syria, and to improve relations with Russia.  Despite the wishful thinking of the bastions of Fake News, the coup has not yet been successful, and the fight to break out of the old, failed imperial geopolitical paradigm of endless wars and regime change continues. 

What is now necessary is for those who elected Trump president to make their voices heard, in support of the urgent need to defeat Russiagate and the traitorous forces behind it.


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