Dr Betty Martini – Aspartame Artificial Sweetener Warrior and Truth in Science and Toxicology Teller !

Dr Betty Martini is a activist against Aspartame, Splenda and artificial sweeteners.  They are genotoxics, biotoxins, cancer inducing agents, abortifacients, and sterilants, inducing mental illness, addictions and premature death.   She has worked with Dr Roberts and Sofretti and top scientist and doctors, travelling and lecturing worldwide on this Toxic Donald Rumsfeld poison. It is Die Cola, generic pilss, some vaccines, and many juices and foods that are reducing health and inducing sterility, cancer and mental illness.   We hope to stop this plaque and GMO foods that destroy human and the biophere’s biology.

Official Site: www.mpwhi.com

Live Stream Event Channel for Aspartame and Artificial Sweetener Banning Wars of Dr Betty Martini and Mission Possible