The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Three Tuesday June 27th 2017 – The Trump Prophecies – The Astonishing True Story of The Man Who Saw Tomorrow … and What He Says is NEXT ! – Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert !

HOUR THREE – RBN, Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert, The Trump Prophecies, The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow … and What He Says is NEXT, Firefight turn to Lighting Spiritual Fires of TRUTH, The Great Revival of America and Sleeping Christianity, MAGA Make America Great Again, MACA Make America Christian Again, MASA Make America Safe Again, GOD’s plan to break the Global Satanic NWO New World Order,  Records of the Harvest, Just like Secretiat race horse from behind broke records, Prayers for America to Stand for Christian Action and God’s Will for the Harvest, Mary Colbert and White House Call from Hour Two, Abortion in America, Sin of Apostasy, Christian Church AWOL, Times of Harvest Start NOW, Trump will be protected, succes not only economic but spiritual, Peace in MidEast, Alliance with Russia, Wipe Out ISIS, God’s World Order, Prayer by Dr Bill for the Worldwide Believers and America, Prayer of Call to Action, Mary Colbert and Mark Taylor’s calling to believers, Prayer Protection of Trump Pence and Agenda of Godly Peace Through Strength, Scripture Reading Dr Bill of Psalms 91:9-11, Judgement on Systems Not America, 150 Million Plus righteous Believer’s, America not Soddom,  Harvest of Souls Starts Now!,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show, Dr Bill Deagle MD, End Times Prophecies, Ephraimerica, Witness of Ephraim,