The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Thursday June 29th 2017 – Veteran Broadcaster – Barry Farber – Trump Outshines All US Administrations – USA Winning Again – Trump’s Agenda Going Forward – Health Bill – Preventive Care – Border Wall – Bracero 1940s Mexican Workers Plan – Gold backed Dollar Glass-Steagill end of Dodd-Frank Bill – USA Korean China Policy – USA Mideast Syrian Mistakes – ISIS Russian Collaboration – Treat Putin with respect as Russian Mafia Don – Don’t Allow Rise of Russian Satellites in Powerplay – Trump Pence to Rebuild Christian Constitutional America and Deradicalized American Muslims !

HOUR ONE – RBN, Barry Farber, veteran radio broadcaster, Trump winning Presidency, Agenda is happening, Today Kate Law and Sanctuary Cities Congressional Agenda passed, Health Bill in whole or part will be done by August, Trump is oushining all prior administrations, Bracero 1940s Mexican workers plan, Immigration Reform plan, Health Reform and Preventive Care, Trump move to gold Glass-Steagall and out the FED, Trump’s NATO European Battle with Germany plus, MAGA Make America Great Again, MASA Make America Safe Again, MACA Make America Christian Again, News CNN MSNBC pull licenses, Prosecute PedoGaters, Prosecute Leakers of Deep State Intel and Bureaucrats, Solutions to Issues in America and the World, Dr Bill Deagle MD,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show,