The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Friday June 30th 2017 – Seven for Heaven 4th of July Sale – Canada Day July 1st – Seven Percent Off All USA Orders Free Shipping USA – Harley Schlanger – LaRouche – Belt and Road China Initiative Helga Zepp LaRouche – World Peace with Trump Business with Russia China Multipolar Economic World Model !

HOUR ONE – RBN, Harley Schlanger, LaRouche Foundation,, EIR Executive Intelligence Review,, Dr Bill Deagle MD,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show,

Below are this week’s links from LaRouche PAC:

New Circumstances and What They Demand

Two Tales of One City

The Imperial Guns Are Out To Stop Trump’s Intended Friendship with Russia

Video Update on Belt and Road Initiative – Washington Waking Up to Belt and Road Initiative