NutriMedical Report FRIMAR5TH_H2_StPatty_PurgeTheSerpentsUNIMFDemonRat

Josh Bernstein, HR1 Act and Equity Act of Demon Rat Democrats Satanic Power Grab USA, St Patrick Day purge of Serpent Druids from Ireland In Middle Ages, Serpent Draco Reptilian CLAYandIRON leaders Rule Earth of SATAN, End of Tribulation Soon with GOD Return for Bride and Queen of the Heavens Saved Mankind, Michelle and Dr BIll Deagle MD, Wellness Answers FREE Help Callers and Emails ON AIR, Email Dr Bill drbilldeagle7ATgmailDOTcom, Dr Dolores Cahill PhD, Immunologist, Natural Therapies to Heal and Protect from COVID19 and Rescue from mRNA and DNA Toxic Chemo Shot Fake Vacccines that Sterilize Inflame of Cause Illness and Death,