The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Two Friday July 6th 2018 – Harley Schlanger, Schiller Institute Transcript of Roger Stone, Trade and Collaboration Not War, Upcoming Putin Summit 10 days, European Superstate Control is Over, Italy Hungary Austria Greece Sovereign States Again, Populist Nationalism, No Borderless Cyber Banker World,

Harley Schlanger, Schiller Institute Transcript of Roger Stone, Trade and Collaboration Not War, Upcoming Putin Summit 10 days, European Superstate Control is Over, Italy Hungary Austria Greece Sovereign States Again, Populist Nationalism, No Borderless Cyber Banker World,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show, ,,,



The President Trump Europeans Do Not Know

          Roger Stone, U.S. Political Strategist of the Trump Faction in the Republican Party (live video presentation)


          CHEMINADE:  We may say that Confucian China is now the closest to General de Gaulle’s thinking, if you want to.

          So, “The President Trump That Europeans Do Not Know”: Roger Stone.


          ROGER STONE:  First of all, I want to apologize for the fact that I cannot join you personally.  I very much appreciate and [inaudible] and the Schiller Institute, and my good friend Harley Schlanger, who arranged for this video presentation.

          I also want to salute the Schiller Institute and Helga Zepp-LaRouche for your forward-thinking agenda and your commitment to economic and financial reform, which I believe, with the assistance of the Trump Administration, can remake our global thinking entirely and move us towards more peace and prosperity on a worldwide basis.

          I am very familiar with the extraordinary and prophetic thinking of Lyndon LaRouche, having encountered him in New Hampshire in 1980, during the Republican primary for President of the United States.  And, as a former aide to President Ronald Reagan, I recognize the important backstage role that Lyndon LaRouche played in the last election of a non-neo-con outsider, as President of the United States. 

          I must say, that in 1980, I was more of a conventional conservative Republican, and at that time, I thought Dr. LaRouche’s views were somewhat exotic.  Today, I would say, however, that I have evolved to recognize the role of an evil, two-party duopoly, that has, unfortunately, run the United States into a ditch.  The two-party duopoly of the Bushes and the Clintons, working together, have given us endless foreign war, where our apparent national interests were never apparent.  Erosion of our civil liberties, with a government that keeps meta-data tags on Americans, reads our emails, monitors our text messages, catalogues our phone calls; gave us trade policies which were based on this “one size fits all” international trade agreements which appeared to be beneficial to our trading partners, but on rare occasion equally beneficial to the United States.  We have pursued immigration policies that cheated those who were waiting on line to get into the country, and obtain their citizenship legally, to the benefit of those who jumped the line and sought to enter the country illegally.  And, in many cases, left our streets and neighborhoods unsafe.

          Now, I am a 40-year friend and associate of Donald Trump, and the evolution in my thinking opinion between 1980 and 1988, led me to believe that Trump was the one man with the stature, and the courage, and the independence from the failed policies of the two-party duopoly that has run our country, and that he should seek the Presidency.  I sought to convince him to become a candidate as early as 1988.  I sought again to convince him to become a candidate in 2000.  And again in 2012.  And then, finally, successfully, in 2016.

          Now, I would concede to you, that despite my early enthusiasm, the time was probably not yet ripe for a Trump-style candidacy.  It is the first time Americans have gone outside a career politician or a military hero, in order to select a business person as a President.  Unthinkable, as early as 1980, perhaps.  Perhaps, it’s unthinkable in 2000.  But after a [inaudible] eight years of the Obama Presidency, the stage was set for a reform-oriented President who was committed to stronger and better relations with both Russia and China; who was rejecting the new world order as put forward by President George Bush and furthered by his son, President George W. Bush; an agenda, which was seamlessly pursued, whether the President was Republican or a Democrat; whether our President was a Clinton or a Bush.

          Now, what we have is a scandal in the United States, in which claims of Russian “collusion” are used to mask what is, in fact, the greatest political scandal in our history: And that is, the use of the power and the authority of the state to spy on and undermine the candidacy of the Republican nominee for President.  In fact, having been a veteran of the Nixon Administration, I recognize that Nixon was removed from power because men who were associated with his campaign, were caught breaking into the Watergate facility, to plant bugs (which never really worked) to spy on his opponent and the Democrats.  He was also removed, because men who were associated with his campaign, were caught infiltrating the campaigns of his opponents, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, and then, later, Sen. George McGovern.

          The scandal which we are looking at, is far more egregious!  At least in the case of Nixon, and it was never proved that Nixon himself approved {any} of these illegal activities; but in the case of Nixon, the individuals who were apprehended were private citizens.  Here we have a far more egregious abuse of power:  It is the use of the state’s authority and their extraordinary technological capability, to hijack the 2016 election and to subvert democracy itself, in an attempt to wire the election for Hillary Clinton.

          The entire Russiagate investigation, the totally unproven charges of Russian collusion are a smokescreen, to mask those illegal activities by the Obama Administration in their attempt to hijack our last election.  Referred to in the text messages of FBI agent Peter Strzok as “the insurance policy”:  We now know that the FBI, under Barack Obama, infiltrated the Trump campaign as early as May of 2016 — far earlier than they admit, that they opened their investigations into alleged “Russian collusion” in the Trump campaign.

          The role of British intelligence in all of this, cannot be underestimated.  We know that Prof. Stefan Halper was approaching members of the Trump campaign, at the lowest possible level, I might mention, in an attempt to plant evidence of Russian collusion.  It is almost laughable, that the {Washington Post} and the {New York Times} continue to claim that the activities of Halper, the activities of others, were an attempt to ferret out Russian collusion, when in fact, they were attempts to plan {faux} Russian collusion to be discovered later, in an effort to undermine Trump in the seemingly unlikely event of Trump’s victory.

          I never had any doubts about Trump’s ability to win the 2016 election.  It’s important to recognize that 2016 was the year in which the mainstream media lost their monopoly stranglehold on political discourse.  This is due only to the rise of a vibrant and robust alternative media, which in turn, has given far greater currency to the ideas and principles of Lyndon LaRouche, to the ideas and principles of Donald Trump, to reset the world stage for a cooperative trading partnerships and relationships with both the Russians and the Chinese, an end to the neo-con policies of war and bankruptcy, which they have pursued, quite sadly, with vigor.

          Now, sadly, what we see in the United States, and perhaps across the world, is an attempt to put the toothpaste back in the tube.  That is to say, a war of internet censorship which seeks to voices such as mine, and my friends at Inforwars, for example, alternative media outlets like Breitbart and the {Daily Caller} and others who espouse Trumpism, and remove them — from Facebook, from Twitter, from YouTube — it’s a war of eradication, and attempt to strangle our First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution, and to use monopolistic practices and anti-competitive business practices to end our free speech and our access to this wonderful medium of the internet which makes our dialogue, here, today, entirely possible.

          Now, I must say, that the prospects for a Trump-Putin summit in July, have raised the hackles in some corners of Washington, D.C., as well as Whitehall, to a level of near-hysteria.  President Donald Trump is one who believes that when your adversaries possess thermonuclear weapons, as well as vast economic power, that one is much better off in a dialogue with them, than in a Cold War.  And therefore, I firmly believe that his trip to Helsinki to meet Vladimir Putin is a mission of peace, a mission of future economic cooperation, and perhaps joint cooperation to eradicate those Islamic extremist elements that seek to damage both of our nations.

          What is going on in the United States and the persecution of a number of President Trump’s key advisors, is reminiscent of the kind of tactics that were used against Lyndon LaRouche by the Bushes in the 1980s. One of the principal reasons I am unable to join you in person, is because, as you may have read, Robert Mueller, unable to prove any Russian “collusion” in my part, unable to prove any collaboration with WikiLeaks, regarding their devastating disclosures regarding the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton, unable to prove or provide any evidence that I had any knowledge of the release of John Podesta’s emails in advance, now seeks to come up and conjure, perhaps fabricate and manufacture some other charge against me, perhaps relating to my business, or my finances, or my tactics.

          This is the same Robert Mueller who harassed Lyndon LaRouche in the 1980s, and now seeks to persecute me, simply because of my support for President Donald Trump.

          Now, today, I’m being sued by the Democratic National Committee; I’m being sued by an Obama-affiliated group called Project Democracy;  I’m being sued by a Chinese billionaire — all of these sore-loser lawsuits without merit, but exceedingly expensive.  On top of which, now, I now must fend off the efforts of Robert Mueller to bring some bogus charges against me, in attempt to either silence me, to seek my cooperation in testifying against my friend, of almost 40 years, Donald J. Trump. {This will not happen.}

          But my friends have set up a legal defense fund for me, at Stone Defense;  I must say that contributions from foreign nationals are perfectly permissible and those who wish to make a contribution will have my heartfelt thanks.  I face an extraordinarily difficult and defensive battle as the Deep State has targetted me, because of my long association with Donald Trump, and to my commitment to his non-interventionist foreign policy and his policy of economic revitalization of the United States. 

          We have seen a precipitous rise in violence in the United States, and a near-hysteria on the left, which is based almost solely on the increasing success and popularity of the Trump policies.  We will have in excess of 4% economic growth in the next quarter.  We were told under President Barack Obama that this rate of GDP growth was structurally impossible.  They were wrong. 

          We have seen the creation of 1 million new jobs, 228,000 in the month of May alone.  We have seen the President on the cusp of a historic peace deal in the Koreas, and perhaps the successful denuclearization of a nation long-considered our greatest foe.  How ironic, that the President has pursued a peace deal in the Koreas, that if it had been achieved by Barack Obama would be called “brilliant” by the mainstream media; but because it is achieved by Donald Trump, they call “risky.” 

          The President pursues non-interventionist, peace-oriented policies and a reform agenda in terms of revitalizing our economy, in terms of reforming our immigration system, in terms of redoing our trade agreements, so that they are of reciprocal value;  and in terms of reaching new relationships with both the Russians and the Chinese, built on our joint desire for peace and prosperity.

          I have every confidence in this President.  But I do not underestimate the Deep State’s efforts to destroy his Presidency and to remove him.  It was reported by Bloomberg News, only yesterday, that Robert Mueller, the same hit man for the Bushes who targeted Lyndon LaRouche decades ago, will decide about raising charges against the President in his final report, this fall.  How convenient!  Just before the 2018 midterm elections.

          The previous day, Bloomberg News reported that now, Robert Mueller would focus on the issue of Russian “collusion.”  That’s extraordinary.  He’s been at it for two years, and in excess of $17 million of our taxpayers’ money, I thought that he was focused on Russian “collusion.”  As the attempts to harass me demonstrate, this has nothing to do with Russian “collusion.”  As Mr. Mueller seeks any process-related crime pertaining to the termination of FBI Director James Comey, an extraordinarily corrupt public figure; or the dismissal of Gen. Mike Flynn, a true American patriot, who was also subject to the harassment and legal undermining of Robert Mueller and his cabal of thugs.  

          So, the prospects for the Trump Presidency are strong, because as his political strength grows, as his public support in the country is galvanized, it gives him a freer hand to deal with the Mueller outrage, and for the fact that he has a partisan prosecutor who has been given broad and unfettered legal power by Trump’s own Justice Department, and quislings such as [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein, who seek nothing less than to undo at the ballot box, what they could not do in 2016. 

          I’m delighted to have the opportunity to join you. As some of you may know, my sixth book, which is entitled {Stone’s Rules} is now widely available.  This book is — I would put up there with Machiavelli’s {The Prince}, or Sun Tzu’s {The Art of War}, as a field manual for victory, that is applicable for any person, regardless of their chosen avocation; whether you are in business, or politics, or technology, or media, or fashion, or even agriculture, these are the tested rules of the road, the hard lessons that I have learned in 40 years in the American arena.  I commend this book to you, you can buy it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I think most reputable book purveyors in the country have it available, and I think you will enjoy it.

          I thank you very much for your kind invitation to address you today.  I look forward to a new world, based on the leadership of an American President who is deeply committed to a new set of policies, rejecting the policies of the neo-cons and their British co-conspirators, and fostered on a new spirit of world peace and cooperation.  I have urged the President to study the Silk Road policies that you are so enthusiastic about, and which I have come to embrace.

          I salute you and I thank you so much for your time this morning.  Thank you. [applause]