The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Two Friday July 28th 2017 – Gary Richard Arnold – Corruption in the Swamp of D.C. – Senate Fails to Pass Skinny Obamacare Repeal – McInSain Strike Again !

Gary Richard Arnold, Dr Bill Deagle MD, DNC Computer Leaker of eMails Pakistani thief, Debby Wasserman-Shultz crimes, DNC Server not FBI opened, two stories show DNC Democrat Leaks and Unmasking by Obama, District of Criminals, Swamp of D.C., Radioactive Health Bill Dead, Pass small health relief bills attached to infrastructure bill in House and Senate in Fall 2017, Across state insurance competition bill, malpractice to mediation bill, national licensure bill, preventive care bill, pre-existing conditions health care bill, off State Fed MediAid to Work Bill, Drug Cost Control Bill, Publication of Prices of Procedures Bill, Salaries not Fee for Service Bill, Sessions New DNC Democrats Counsel end round to Mueller Commission,