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Rob Roselli, first half,, The UN American Genocidal Complex Book, Pleased to Meet You Dialogue Between Minion and Satanic Globalist Leaders, Mara From NYC ?, Population Reduction Agenda 21, Global Eugenics, Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMedical Report,,,, 


John Walton Spring

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January 26, 2018




Dear Friends,


We desperately need your help in contacting President Donald J. Trump at the White House in Washington, DC so that if the regime of Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang were to become willing to denuclearize North Korea, there would be a proposed plan ready for improving its entire mining industry because, currently, that nation is only receiving a very marginal amount of revenue for its vast mineral deposits, which are now estimated to be worth over $6 trillion and probably far more if American assistance and technology were to become available for extracting those ores.


Yesterday, the Atomic Scientists had released a statement to the news media that they have now moved the minute hand on the Atomic Clock forward by 30 seconds so that its time is back to “two minutes to midnight,” which is where it was at its highest point back in 1962 at the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War with the former Soviet Union. Although I had mentioned this to my readers during the past year, the current North Korean Missile Crisis is just as serious now. Although we are hearing about “winter wonderland” at Pyongchang in South Korea where the 2018 Winter Olympics will occur with North Koreans scheduled to participate in some sports, at least one ICBM on the Korean Peninsula is pointed directly at us and it could reach America in less than 35 minutes after being launched, which could kill over a million Americans in any large city deep inside the United States. So we must reach a “critical mass” by sending letters to our President at the White House in Washington, DC so that at least one letter reaches his desk in the Oval Office and is read by him so that he can take appropriate action forall Americans.


So, please, write your letter or copy mine, which follows on the next page. Then, at your search engine on your computer, type-in: President Trump. Find the listed website: Donald J. Trump – Whitehouse.govand click-on. At the President’s latest website, there is an email or “letter” icon located at the very bottom of that page at the far right. Click-on that email icon, which takes you to “Contact the White House” and begin filling in the required information until you reach near the bottom of that page where it says “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY?” This is where you either type in a message or press Ctrl andV on your keyboard simultaneously or at the same time to include your pretyped letter that you wrote earlier and had saved. Note: Suggestions for  improving any of these aforementioned instructions will be appreciated and welcomed. JWS






The President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20500




Dear Mr. President:


The Atomic Scientists have moved the minute hand on the Atomic Clock forward thirty seconds, which is where it was back in 1962 for the Cuban Missile Crisis at its maximum height during the Cold War. Besides North Korea and the possibility of a thermonuclear war, if an ICBM were to be launched from the Korean Peninsula and strike any American city in less than 35 minutes, we also need to understand that several of them armed with thermonuclear warhead can now be launched simultaneously at any moment and reach their targets well inside the United States due to the lack of an effective Missile Defense System because that program was “scrapped” during the very beginning of the Obama Administration directly by President Barack H. Obama himself.


Not only do we need to develop an effective Missile Defense System that will shield Americans from athermonuclear attack, but we must also be willing to prepare for an economic deal with North Korea ifPyongyang were to become willing to abandon its chemical, missile and nuclear programs because it might save 170 million Americans, which would be the estimated loss of human lives in the United States if we should need to take military action against North Korea. While Pyongyang might lose 24 million of its population, which is 25.27 million, Washington would lose 170 million of an estimated population of 324.1 million people in America, which would be about 52 percent of all Americans. An economic deal would not become foreign aid.


For the aforementioned reasons, an economic plan for North Korea that Kim Jong Un might find hard to refuse because the DPRK may now have the largest deposits of Lithium, Rare Earths and Precious Metals in the entire world along with other mineral resources estimated to be worth $6 trillion. However, with American chemical and mining technology those deposits would have even a far greater value. So we must prepare for a deal with North Korea as soon as possible because a thermonuclear war is now already on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean and it would be a very costly one.



January 22, 2018


Dear Friends,


If we had an effective Missile Defense System in operation, which is rather unlikely for another decade, there might not be a need for my proposed economic plan with North Korea. However, even if we did have an effective system in operation throughout the United States that would be able to shield the American people from a thermonuclear attack, such a plan as mine could still possibly prevent the deaths of millions of innocent people in North Korea as well as the lives of even more people in Japan and South Korea. But because Pyongyang’s ICBMs are now able to strike at any of the major cities in the continental United States in less than 35 minutes from the Korean Peninsula armed with thermonuclearwarheads capable of destroying any large American city, we must consider a proposed plan for a deal with North Korea if the Korean Peninsula were to become denuclearized. Considering a decisive U.S. military victory would probably cost the lives of at least 170 million Americans in a thermonuclear war or in a conventional war that will probably become more costly than the lives lost by all Americans who died in combat during the Second World War. This is why we must consider a deal with North Korea that under certain conditions would require denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula to prevent a thermonuclear war.


North Korea’s mineral resources were estimated to be worth at least $6 trillion. However, Lloyd R. Vassey, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, reported North Korean mining production has declined significantly since the early 1990s. There is a shortage of heavy mining equipment and North Korea is unable to purchase new equipment due to its dire economic situation, the energy shortage and the age and generally poor condition of the power grid.


Last August in 2017, I wrote an article titled “Behind the Real Causes for the North Korean Missile Crisis,” which you may find of interest because it is the main reason for me to propose making a deal with Pyongyang that Kim Jong Un may find hard to refuse because it provides for more wealth for him and his communist regime than even I had imagined since my research that is related to my proposal had begun. According to a news article published on July 3, 2017 in the New York Post, North Korea had mineral resources estimated to be worth at least $6 trillion that, in an article by Steve Mollman for Quartzon June 16, 2017, the secretive state on a vast array of mineral resources below the nation’s mostly mountainous surface are reserves, which include the following metals of iron, gold, magnesite, zinc, copper, molybdenum, graphite as well as more than 200 kinds of minerals. But also present, are large amounts of rare earth metals.


North Korea also contains a high concentration of the rare-earth elements. Other sources have suggested North Korea has the world’s second largest reserves of rare-earth metals, but that estimate was never based on the new technology for recovering and producing rare-earths, so its deposits of rare-earths are potentially far greater.


Summary: North Korea may have larger deposits of Lithium, Rare-Earths and Precious Metal ores than those of the world’s currently known reserves combined so the United States should be able to make a deal with the regime of Kim Jong Un at Pyongyang so that a thermonuclear war can be avoided if Washington is only able to provide a convincing plan for denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula. I am hoping to meet with you so to further discuss this matter.



John W. Spring