The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Two Wednesday June 28th 2017 – LessEMF Emile DeToffle DDS MEng, Measure and Block Dangerous Electrotoxins Electrosmog Scalar Radiation Smart Meters WiFi Cell Phones Dimmers Mercury Balast Lights Induction Cooktops Low Frequency Wiring Radiation Step-down Transformers – Measure UV LIght and Radioisotopes – Protect Against EMP from Sun or Weapons of Warfare – Mountain Red Deer Velvet – Toner for Life – Return to Fetal Regeneration – Build a Better You !

HOUR TWO – RBN,  LessEMF, Emile DeToffle DDS MEng, Protection from EMP, Meters for Home Electrotoxins, Dangers of Cell Phones, Smart Meter Cell Dysruption, Low Cost radiation UV and eletrosmog meters, simple barrier materials for body protection, Second Half, Mountain Red Deer Velvet, 396 Biomolecules, Placental Equivalent for Body Recloning, No One is Older Than a Seven Year Old, Leg Bocks for Humans, Build A Better You,,,, The NutriMedical Report Show, Functional Regenerative Medicine, AntiAging Medicine, Healing Naturally with Integrative Medical Care, Protocols for Wellness,