The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Three Tuesday March 6th 2018 – John W Spring, STOPPING North Korean Nuke Walmart 2018, Clarification of Intel to President Trump, Dangers of Walmart of Nukes to Iran Venezuela Brazil etc, Lets Save HUMANs and Whales !?, STOP Intel Ignorance and Tighten the Thumb Screws Kim Jon UN NOW !,

John W Spring, STOPPING North Korean Nuke Walmart 2018, Clarification of Intel to President Trump, Dangers of Walmart of Nukes to Iran Venezuela Brazil etc, Lets Save HUMANs and Whales !?, STOP Intel Ignorance and Tighten the Thumb Screws Kim Jon UN NOW !, Dr Bill Deagle MD,, NutriMedical Report Show,,, 


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March 5, 2018


Dear Friends,


Based upon the intelligence the Trump Administration is receiving from the agencies around Washington, the President’s policy towards North Korea could lead to a thermonuclear warbecause he is under the assumption that the regime of Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang is not yet able to strike at targets well within the continental United States when it has already been able to reach America and beyond. But I have an economic plan based upon North Korea’s vast mineral resources and U.S. technology for the removal of rare earths from Anthracite coal to produce valuable metal, which might persuade Kim to denuclearize. However, Washington must inform Pyongyang of such a technological “break-through.”


For the record, it was I, not the intelligence community at Washington, who had provided President John F. Kennedy with an analytic report that informed him of the secret Soviet deployment of nuclear ballistic missiles to Cuba at least a yearbefore the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962. A letter that had been written and signed by President Kennedy after the Crisis had ended in mid-December of 1962 discreetly thanked me for my accomplishment. Two more letters were sent to me on behalf of the President. One was from the Department of State and the other came from the Department of Defense. Finally, during that same year, I was officially notified about graduating from California State University, Long Beach with a B.A. in Geography. For decades, I had kept a low-profile about my extraordinary accomplishment.


Over 50 years later, I had become informed that Russian GRU military intelligence officer Colonel Oleg Penkovsky was blamed for my extraordinary accomplishment. He was arrested in 1962 by Soviet KGB, severely tortured and executed later in 1963. However, Penkovsky became erroneously known as “The Greatest Spy in the World” for my accomplishment although I never was a spy. It was only recently when I become aware of Colonel Penkovsky, his fate and wrongly blamed for my accomplishment in 1961.


Although I have an economic plan that might persuade Kim to denuclearize North Korea and could even possibly prevent athermonuclear war, which is based on its vast mineral resources and US technology, unless at least some of you would be willing to write on my behalf to President Donald J. Trump, my plan will probably never reach him. So, please, consider sending an email or a letter to the President very soon.






John W. Spring

Dear Friends,

As a child during the 1940s, some of us subscribed to the Weekly Reader magazine-newsletter. I recall an article that told us how efficient the whaling industry supposedly was because it claimed that not a single part of a whale’s body was ever wasted except for its life. It mentioned some whale parts were even used in the processing of ice cream. After all, everybody loves ice cream! In retrospect, hardly an American living today would fall for such a line today or would we? Unknown to most people are the aborted unborn human babies whose dead bodies are placed on large brick areas to dry under the sun before their kidneys would be harvested and sold to companies such as Senomyx, which can develop a series of “flavor or taste enhancements” from fetus tissue. These laboratories develop flavors that can increase the “sweetness” in diet soda beverages and other processed foods. It’s cannibalism! JWS

Deborah Tavares deserves the entire credit for providing me with information about the harvesting of kidneys from aborted unborn human babies. However, when I followed up on her research, nothing at all could have prepared me for the most distasteful and grotesque shock when I came upon the color photograph at the top of this page where apparently a boy is at work lining up hundreds of tiny bodies that were once unborn human babies who should have been given the same right to life that we have. While I can recall morbid pictures of skulls at the “Killing Fields” taken in Cambodia during the time of the Pathet Lao, it was hard to imagine any image could be worse until I viewed the aforementioned color photograph showing hundreds of dead unborn human babies. It was hard for me to believe that human decency, humanity and respect for life had reached such a low and decadent level. Let’s save the whales, but how about saving human life! Search for this: List of companies using fetal cells from aborted babies to flavor. HealthClinic 2-16-02-11 issue showing above color photograph for drying all unborn human babies in the sun so their fetal cells might be used to enhance artificial flavor in foods.

March 6, 2018




Dear Friends,


NBC News of NBC Universal, which is 51 percent controlled by Comcast and 49 percent by GE, had posted two misleading articles about North Korea on March 2, 2018 that provide information that is extremely deceptive. They were: “North Korea’s new missile technology may have Soviet roots” and “Open-source material offers hints of North Korea’s missile capabilities” by Richard Engel and Kennett Werner. Besides Michael Elleman, a senior fellow for missile defense at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, claiming that Pyongyang acquired the 1960s Soviet-era missile engine known as the RD-250 from the Yuzhnoye aerospace facility near Dnipro in the eastern Ukraine instead of from the active Russian rocket engine facility NPO Energomash that is located in Kinki, near Moscow where aerospace propellant research is highly advanced. But when Elleman said, “And with each test they [North Koreans] become closer and closer to target and hit the U.S. with a nuclear weapon,” when, in reality, Pyongyang’s ICBMs have been able to strike inside America with athermonuclear warhead now for several years.


In the second article, what is most disturbing and also misleading is a statement made by Jeffrey Lewis that “the only viable option of the U.S. and its allies is to accept a nuclear-armed North Korea and focus instead on shared interests: averting nuclear war–.” However, Lewis apparently fails to understand the consequences of far more nuclear proliferationfor many other countries if such an agreement were allowed to occur. JWS






John W. Spring


Note: The following article “CHINA-RUSSIA AEROSPACE NOW BEHIND SUCCESS OF ICBM MISSILES IN NORTH KOREA” was probably written in August of 2017 after another comment had been made by Michael Elleman, which was not apparently based upon fact. JWS





John W. Spring

If you have watched the rather impressive parades in Pyongyang with ICBMs being carried on massive mobile transporter-erector-launchers, which are those very large off-road vehicles, they are identical to the WS5100 Chinese model manufactured by the Wanshan Company for CASIC: China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation. These vehicles were designed not to be driven on highways or paved roads, but, rather, in rural areas where roads may not even exist. So when the so-called experts say that North Korea has only a limited number of highways, such concern does not apply to these large ICBM off-road vehicles that are designed to move over any land.


It is of interest to note that Michael Elleman, who previously claimed North Korea’s ICBMs could not reach the mainland of the United States and they might also have re-entry problems, which could cause nuclear warheads unable to strike their targets, has now alleged in a statement reported on August 14, 2017 that Pyongyang’s latest rocket engines for its recent intercontinental ballistic missiles were the RD-250 manufactured in Ukraine of the Soviet Union during the Cold War by Yuzhmash at Dnepropetrovsk along the Dnieper River. According to Mr. Elleman, “It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine…probably illicitly. The big question is how many do they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.” It is of some interest to note that Yuzhmash has developed the Zenit-3SL launch vehicle now being launched on floating platforms in the Pacific Ocean. It has offices at Dnipro and Long Beach in California.


On March 19, 2017, Spaceflight had reported North Korea successfully tested its latest rocket engine that was “a close adaptation of a staged combustion” for the RD-250, which made it first flight on December 16, 1965 in the former Soviet Union. It was a liquid fuel engine that was deployed for the R-36 ICBM and the R-27, a compact Soviet submarine missile. A Russian company, NPO Energomash, located at Khimki near Moscow, also manufactured the RD-250.