The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Three Tuesday Jan 9th 2018 – John W. Spring, North South Korean Pre-Olympic Meetings, Soon Released John W. Spring FInancial Peace Plan to North Korea, Plan to President Trump and Congress Senate, Will Release Next Week, Trump to Do Anything to Avoid WAR with China and North Korea,

John W. Spring, North South Korean Pre-Olympic Meetings, Soon Released John W. Spring FInancial Peace Plan to North Korea, Plan to President Trump and Congress Senate, Will Release Next Week, Trump to Do Anything to Avoid WAR with China and North Korea, Dr Bill Deagle MD,,,, 

John W. Spring

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Anaheim, CA 92817

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January 9, 2018




Dear Friends,


To begin this letter, there seems to remain a lack of understanding about the significance related to my analytic reports sent to President John F. Kennedy during the fall in 1961, which revealed the Soviet deployment of ballistic missiles and thermonuclear warheads to Cuba. Because those reports had reachedJFK in time to be confirmed by U-2 aerial reconnaissance photos, which had been analyzed by U.S. Naval Intelligence before Soviet missile launch sites were able to become operational in Cuba during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States was is a strong position to negotiate with the former Soviet Union. However, if I had failed to send my reports to the White House, by as early as November in 1962, those missiles and warheads would probably have been able to strike nearly all of America without any warning and then Soviet ICBMs that would be launched from Siberia would have been able to kill nearly 170 million Americans. It is also my hope that by now you are aware of my intelligence reports related to the capability of the ICBMs and thermonuclear warheads currently in North Korea’s arsenal that can reach any of the large cities in the United States and beyond.


Nearly all of Pyongyang’s strategic facilities for its aerospace, electronics, naval, nuclear and other military ordnance programs are at a depth of one mile, which is beyond the penetrability and demolition ability of nearly all conventional or nuclear aerial bombs. So even if the U.S. had attempted to destroy those underground facilities, they would probably continue to function and be able to launch ICBMs andthermonuclear warheads long after initial aerial bombings that would not halt strikes against heavily-populated areas throughout America.


By taking the initiative for talks at Panmunjom with leaders of South Korea yesterday on the Korean Peninsula, just a few weeks before the 2018 Winter Olympics will soon to be held at Pyeonchang in February, Kim has revealed an awareness for an opportunity to drive a wedge between Seoul and Washington that might lessen military ties with America because North Korean officials had assured their counterparts from Seoul that Pyongyang is targeting all of its ICBMs and ballistic missile of lesser range only at the United States and none at South Korea. Those statements will make an adverse impact on many South Koreans living in Seoul.


Although I am optimistic about this new year of 2018, with Kim Jong Un now announcing to the world that North Korea is now able to strike at any part of the United States with its ICBMs that has finally been confirmed by the experts in Washington, which I had already concluded much earlier, it would seem as if we are moving much closer to a thermonuclear war with the regime in Pyongyang.

However, as an economic geographer as well as a geopolitical analyst, I have also a plan for North Korea that Kim Jong Un might find hard to refuse that would be very beneficial to his nation as well as to the national security of America.


Unfortunately, based upon my intelligence analysis experience, most all high-ranking officials in Washington have been receiving inferior intelligence information, at least until recently, that had caused them to remain unaware of the capability of Pyongyang’s Hwasong-15 ICBM, which can reach most large cities in America with a thermonuclear warhead in less than 30 minutes from the Korean Peninsula. But what makes geopolitical matters even worse, President Barack Obama had “scrapped” the Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI program at the very beginning of his first term in office. As a result, we do not now have any effective Missile Defense System deployed, which means most ICBMslaunched from North Korea would reach their targets in America.


Although it would endanger our national security at this time if I were to mention my proposal in this letter, it is my hope that it can be discussed in depth with high-ranking Washington officials. I am including a revised article to explain my tentative plan for a new economic deal with North Korea without revealing its sensitive contents.


I would urge all of you to contact your elected officials in Washington immediately before North Korea launches its next satellite into orbit that might carry Electromagnetic Pulsation or EMP devices or gear capable to destroy or disable all electronic and electrical equipment in the entire United States.


Please read and review my proposal for a new economic plan for a deal with North Korea that follows on the next page.






John W. Spring