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December 19, 2017





Dear Friends,


Yesterday, the President gave an outstanding speech on our nation’s security that was second to none. However, none of the three major news media television networks in the United States provided any coverage of it on their nightly programs, but they have been interviewing very high-ranking officials at the White House during the past week who have been making many false statements that are based upon inaccurate defense estimates and intelligence information received from U.S. agencies relying upon unreliable sources related to North Korea.


Last week, a statement was released by a high-ranking member of the presidential cabinet who said that Pyongyang’s Hwasong-15 was unable to reach the mainland of the United States when it is actually able to reach beyond America into the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.


Last evening, the same official seemed to suggest that due to the current sanctions against North Korea, the regime of Kim Jong Un would probably be unable to conduct further missile tests due to the “oil embargo” being placed now upon Pyongyang. During the past decade, I had been also monitoring the trans-Asian pipelines from the Caspian-Aral Basin in Central Asia to China and North Korea. Pyongyang has been receiving natural gas and petroleum from extensions to these pipelines, so adequate fuel for its ICBMs will still be available in addition to its solid fuel R&D.


So until our intelligence agencies in Washington, D.C. are able to provide far more accurate data on defense estimates and better intelligence information about North Korea, we shall remain on a course in “uncharted waters” that continues to take us closer to a thermonuclear war. JWS






John W. Spring



Based upon why Russian GRU Colonel Oleg Penkovsky erroneously became a legend as “The Greatest Spy in the World,” I am “The Greatest Geopolitical and Intelligence Analyst,” who had actually provided President John F. Kennedy with the analytic reports that had led directly to the Cuban Missile Crisis during the fall in 1962 before graduating with a B.A. from CSULB in 1962.