The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Wednesday June 13th 2018 – Lowell Ponte,, 3 KEY FOREIGN MEETINGS, NOT JUST SINGAPORE, G7 Canada, Bilderberger’s Europe, North Korean DeNuke Kim Trump Singapore, What Next for Korea, Six to 11 months Before South Korean Cancelled War Games, Trap for North Korea China Russia if Non-compliant,

Lowell Ponte,, 3 KEY FOREIGN MEETINGS, NOT JUST SINGAPORE, G7 Canada, Bilderberger’s Europe, North Korean DeNuke Kim Trump Singapore, What Next for Korea, Six to 11 months Before South Korean Cancelled War Games, Trap for North Korea China Russia if Non-compliant, Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMedical Report,,,,



Lowell Ponte highlights international monetary battle, June 10, 2018

Lowell Ponte is a former think tank futurist and retired roving editor at Reader’s Digest. He is coauthor, with Craig R. Smith, of “Money, Morality & the Machine: Smith’s Law in a Lawless, Over-Governed Age.” Ponte’s articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and major other publications.

The June 12 meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong-Un could be momentous, but so too could the seeds of two other June meetings. Days ago Kim fired several senior staffers, reducing his fear of a coup d’etat while he is away. If he does not move to eliminate his nuclear weapons, President Trump will likely respond by encouraging parity on the peninsula through South Korean nukes.

Mr. Trump might also encourage Japan to flex its secret nukes and their accompanying space and weather rockets, which have long had the specs of ballistic missiles. Ever since the “Three Arrows Affair” of the 1960s, it has been clear Japan would regard an attack on South Korea – whose city Busan/Pusan is only about 30 miles away from Nagasaki Prefecture’s Tsushima Island, scarcely farther than the distance from Catalina Island to the California mainland – as an attack on the Japanese homeland.

Imperialist China would dislike South Korean or Japanese nuclear weapons. And in the spirit of President Trump, China has strengthened and lengthened its walls to prevent a crisis flood of North Korean refugees.

Perhaps in Singapore, the beautiful “Lion City,” President Trump and Kim will enjoy a drink in the writer’s bar of Raffles where Britain’s famed imperialist poet Rudyard Kipling penned some of his best work. “When China has gotten all it needs from the United States,” a Singapore economist once told me there, “it will cut the U.S. dead.” China’s imperialist ambition grows, its historic patience awaiting our decline shrinks, and yet the day China is ready to cut America dead keeps receding into the future.

Singapore has kept its tenuous state for a long time, balancing in a tiny place a population that is Muslim, Hindu, Malay, British and Chinese. Few things were more maddening than its propaganda spots several times each hour on local television singing “One Nation, One People, One Singapore,” a ditty as maddening as “It’s a Small World After All.”

But while media’s eyes turn to Asia, the Bilderberg gathering has been underway in Italy’s Turin, shrouded in mystery. The openly anti-capitalist Pope Francis has sent representation from the Vatican to “conspire” with the Bilderbergers … or perhaps to perform a group exorcism.

Before President Trump was expected to lift off for Singapore on Saturday, he touched bases with the Canada meeting of the G-7, the organization of Western nations that control roughly half the world’s Gross Domestic Product. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was grousing about NAFTA, privately goaded by polls showing that in an election today he would lose power to conservatives.

French President Emmanuel Macron should be grateful America sent troops who died in Africa’s Niger defending French (and Chinese) uranium mines. But instead, Macron was basking in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval “in principle” for his European Army initiative.

This idea, which Craig R. Smith and I predicted and documented in detail in our book Money, Morality & The Machine, appears merely to provide the European Union with a foreign intervention force in Africa and the Middle East. This independent EU military plan is, in truth, vastly more sinister.

The European Union was secretly designed to erase the individual nations of Europe and replace them with an anti-democratic “Superstate” of progressive Eurocrats. The EU and Euro currency are really Germany’s third attempt in 100 years to dominate Europe, which is why the United Kingdom in 2016 voted for “Brexit,” to escape being colonized by this emerging empire. Poland and Hungary are likewise in rebellion.

Melania Trump’s native Slovenia just voted an anti-immigrant party into power, as did Italy, whose economy is bigger than Russia’s. EU loyalists tried to block Italy’s election results, but European opinion overwhelmed them. Even Macron has admitted that if a referendum were allowed today, a majority of French would vote to leave the European Union. In May, EU head Jean-Claude Juncker praised Karl Marx at the German unveiling of his statue, donated by Communist China.

Why does the EU want its own military, free of U.S.-controlled NATO that defended Western Europe (and thereby funded its welfare states) since World War II? The EU wants the power to strip member nations of their own militaries and then to force them to merge into the European Union.

President Trump is fighting to defeat globalist Progressivism. In the G-7 and Bilderberg meetings, he faces private and public enemies of Great American nationalism. Keep your eye not only on Singapore, but on all three meetings.