The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Monday June 19th 2017 – Andrew Schatkin Attorney Defends Judicial Activism vs Dr Bill Deagle MD with Constituional Separation of Powers and Originalism – Puting Americans Life and Liberty First Instead of Endless Appeals of Activist Judiciary !

HOUR ONE – RBN, Andrew Schatkin, Last Show, Debate Supports Judicial Activism vs. Dr Bill and Constitutional Orginalists, Ninth Circuit Judges should be removed from the bench automatically, No need for Judicial Review when Prima Facia Violation of Constitutional Separation of Powers, Delays that Cause Dead Americans from Terrorism puts blood on hands of Judicial Activists and Supporters, Announcement of July 15th new, Customers will have access to email and callbacks, Future Protocols for Wellness ONLY for Members signing up for monthly or yearly membership access.,,, The NutriMedical Report Show, Safety of Americans Above Judicial Activism,