The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Friday July 14th 2017 – Harley Schlanger – Belt and Road China Infrastructure Plans and International Developments – Russian and Chinese Meeting by Trump at G20 – Trump need to Fight Wall Street and Minutian Cabinet Member – ISIS Russian Collaboration – China High Speed Rail Engineering – Hamiltonian Credit for Business – Work-Fair not Well-UnFair Plans of Dr Bill – Health Care Repeal and Replace over Two Years with Bipartisan Town Hall Meetings and Governor Meetings with Preventive Care – Kill Health Care Sacred Cows Big Pharma Big Medica Big Legal Malpractice Level Playing Field for Natural AntiAging Medicine – Alternative Pathways to Practice Medice to Surgeons – New Websites Launch – Please Register FREE again even if IN the Old System !

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Below are this week’s links from LaRouche PAC:

Focus on the Strategic Truth, Not the Chatter

Trump’s Policy of Peace with Trump and Xi is Courageous; His Policy of Peace with Wall Street is Not

They Shot Their Wad; We Are Now in a Negative Nothing Burger; Time to Counterattack

What New York City Can Learn From Africa  (10 minute video)

The Secret of China’s Economic Miracle  (11 minute video)