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The NutriMedical Report Show Hour Two Friday July 21st 2017 – Dr Betty Martinie – Aspartame Genotoxin Abortifacient Endocrine Dysruptor Cancer Inducer – Latest Research and Suppressed Science Published !

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The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Thursday July 13th 2017 – First Half – Protocols for Wellness – Launch of New NutriMedical.com Deagle-Network.com ClayandIRON.com Websites – Free Registration on NutriMedical.com Please Re-Register Even if You Have Been Registered on the Old Website ! — Dr Betty Martini – Aspartame Neurotoxin Genotoxin Abortifacient Gametotoxin Truth about corrupt FDA Fatal Drugs Allow and CDC Center for Disease Creation – Dr Roberts and Sofretti’s Research – Aspartame in Generic Drugs Juices and Even some Vaccines !

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