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The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Thursday August 3rd 2017 – Quantum Predictive Diagnostic Testing Consults – Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M and Jim Guerci – www.PPRDI.com 302-772-6631 to Book – Advantages of Narrowing Predisease Diagnostic Images and Labs – NEW Laboratory Test Ordering Tabs from Consult Recommendations !

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The NutriMedical Report Show Hour One Thursday July 20th 2017 – Jim Guerci – Quantive Predictive Consults QRMA Metapathia Scans NYC Region – www.PPRDI.com – Call 302-722-6631 for Appts – Power of Advnaced Quantum Analysis – Stopping Illness before Disease is Present ! – Procedure for Consults – Functional Medical History and Records to Dr Bill Deagle MD – Audio and eMail Reports – Metatherapy and Nosode Homeopathic Therapies at NYC Facility !

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