Readmission Agreement Nigeria

The reward for cooperation in readmission and repatriation by “compliant countries” that facilitate the issuance of visas will have a significant impact on African countries. Cooperation on readmission and return between European and African countries is generally bilateral, with the EU playing a coordinating role in helping its Member States support new outcomes in terms of exchange and readmission. The protection of victims of human trafficking is considered to be NAPTIP`s main concern: the memorandum governs mutual legal assistance and “the issue of the identification of persons”. It also establishes “the exchange of information guaranteed by both parties (including irregular migration), the protection of human rights, safe readmission, rehabilitation and international protection of victims. The EU delegation and Nigerian partners immediately agreed on an “identification mission” in several EU countries, at least according to the EU Progress Report. In addition, African countries want a situation in which the possible remedies of their nationals will be exhausted before being repatriated to their country of origin and where migrants in the destination countries will be protected until the legal migration status is determined. They also call for better conditions for the return of migrants who respect the human rights of migrants. For African countries, cooperation on readmission and repatriation must go hand in hand with reintegration measures that should include appropriate arrangements for the return of migrants to their countries of origin. An internal EU document examines EU and Nigerian issues and how to negotiate a readmission agreement. The long list of infrastructure measures, training programmes and anti-trafficking activities, including the simplified issuance of visas to certain categories of people, therefore does not mention support from the military or other security forces. However, a joint report by the Federal Department of Defence and the Department of Foreign Affairs indicates. The May 17, 2016 report to members of the German Bundestag contains a “list of efforts” that includes the “acquisition of ground-level radar systems” in the fight against Boko Haram. Cooperation with Frontex was established in 2012 and Nigeria is now a member of the Africa Frontex intelligence community.

The treaty also provides for Nigeria to participate in joint border controls and joint readmission procedures – an agreement is certainly due to NAPTIP, Nigeria`s national authority for human trafficking, which cooperates with the EU, IOM (International Organization for Migration), Frontex, Interpol and Europol, UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) and the national security forces. The code also establishes a mechanism for facilitating the issuance of visas, based on cooperation between third countries on the return and readmission of their nationals.