Physician Assistant Delegation Agreement Connecticut

History: P.A. 95-271 added references to osteopathic physicians, effective from 6 July 1995; P.A. 96-12 added Subsec. (d) the proclamation of death by medical assistants; P.A. 99-102 removed obsolete references to osteopathy and osteopathic physicians and made technical changes; P.A. 00-205 changed Subsec. (a) reviewing the required authority of medical assistants; P.A. 04-221 changed Subsec. (a) allowing the medical assistant to request, sign and obtain medicinal products to be given to patients; P.A. 04-255 changed Subsec. (d) (3) authorizing the medical assistant to sign a death certificate and make technical changes; P.A. 05-219 AmendedAs subsection.