NutriMedical Report TuesNov3rd20 H3 SPRINGPOTUSNeedsJohnWDrBillAdvice!

John W Spring, Dr Bill Deagle MD POTUS Needs Advice Climate War, EMP Dangers, EduCap NOT mRNA Vaccines and First Line of Defense Kits to STOP COVID19, Josh Bernstein, New Site, END of America if Biden Wins, Reasons for TRUMP Win Today, Spring, Letters to POTUS, Write to Have Him Contact Dr Bill and John W Spring NOW !, A To KardioVasc, Matt J Deagle and Dr Bill Deagle MD Review of NutriMeds Protocols and Tech Healing Protocols, John W Spring, Danger of Civil War and Terror if TRUMP Wins, Insurrection ACT NOW, Biden Crimes and END of America, mRNA Vaccine Dangers early 2021,