NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday March 6th 2019 – Hour Two – Lowell Ponte, WILL DESPERATE DEMOCRATS DESTROY DEMOCRACY?, THE LEFT UNHINGED, Loss of Black and Hispanic Vote Tolls END of Demon-Rats,

Lowell Ponte, WILL DESPERATE DEMOCRATS DESTROY DEMOCRACY?, THE LEFT UNHINGED, Loss of Black and Hispanic Vote Tolls END of Demon-Rats, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show,





Lowell Ponte gives encouraging statistics supporting Trump policies, March 3, 2019


Why do Democrats seem so desperate, so frantic to win by any means, fair or foul?

The likely reason is they have seen polls the liberal media have scarcely reported suggesting President Donald Trump could be headed for a huge win in the 2020 elections.

Last week, we noted historian Victor Davis Hanson’s analysis of polls showing that President Trump could win 20 percent or more of the African-American vote. Democrats depend on getting 90 to 95 percent of captive black voters. Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in 2016 because she carried only 88 percent of African-American votes. If Mr. Trump wins 20 percent of black voters – as now appears likely – then the Democratic Party is doomed.

Democrats betrayed African-American supporters to curry favor with Latinos, a faster-growing minority. Millions of black worker jobs and wages were swept away by a flood of lower-paid Latinos coming across America’s southern border with Democrat encouragement.

African-Americans, these leftist politicians assume, are slaves who will vote Democratic despite being stabbed in the back; they also assume Latinos will vote Democratic despite Democratic betrayal of old supporters.

But a recent Pew Hispanic Center poll found that “Today, about half of Latinos (48 percent) believe there is about the right amount of immigrants living in the U.S., while a quarter say there are too many immigrants and 14 percent say there are too few.”

Translation: 73 percent of Latinos in the U.S. now believe we already have enough or too many immigrants. Only 14 percent of Latinos want more, in part because more immigrants compete with and undercut the wages of Latinos already here.

“Now, here’s the brutal truth for Democrats,” reported the left-of-center webzine Politico in late February. “If Hispanic Americans are in fact showing surging approval of Trump, he could be on his way to matching or exceeding the 40 percent won by George W. Bush in 2004.” The Democratic Party, dependent on Latino voters, would be doomed. And Trump, a macho and forthright politician, has already shown growing Latino popularity, especially among men.

Will the suburban women’s vote rescue the Democratic Party, which promises government financial security those unemployed pajama boy leftist males still living in their parents’ basements cannot?

A Zogby Analytics poll in late February finds that five percent more suburban women now support Trump than oppose him on the wall to halt the flood of illegals, and 50 percent support a Trump emergency declaration to build the wall along our southern border.

A majority of Americans have for many years supported early-pregnancy abortion – until now. The Democrats’ fanatic push to allow third-trimester abortions – illegal even in liberal Europe – and to allow the killing of babies after birth has shifted public opinion. A January Marist poll finds Americans now split 47 to 47 percent, with the changing tide running strongly against abortion. Donald Trump is the most outspoken anti-abortion president in American history.

A similar reversal is evident in a Fox News poll which had shown a trend towards socialism, but now shows growing majority approval of capitalism. A February Harvard-Harris poll shows that 57 percent of Democrats say their party is now “socialist,” but this increasingly is on the wrong side of history. Liberal Washington Post veteran columnist Richard Cohen just wrote that “the Democratic Party is heading … to electoral hell with its talk of socialism. …”

And a new Gallup Poll finds the largest share ever of Americans who believe that “government is the main problem” we face. This is bad news for the party that advocates bigger government as the solution for every problem. The Democrats’ “Green New Deal” has a projected price tag of $93 trillion, more than the gross domestic product of the entire Planet Earth.

Liberals used to outnumber conservatives in nine of the 50 states. Now they lead in only six – Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington State, New York and New Hampshire. Liberals and conservatives are tied 29 to 29 percent in California. Productive taxpayers are fleeing New York and California, leaving mostly gimme-pigs with their hands out for more welfare Democrats use to buy votes.

Democrats are pushing HR1, to impose California’s rigged election laws on our entire nation. They also scheme to circumvent the Constitution by giving liberal states’ electoral votes to the national popular vote winner, even if a state’s citizens vote otherwise; they now control 181 of the 270 electoral votes needed to elect a president.

What will they do in 2020 when Donald Trump wins the legitimate popular vote?