NutriMedical Report Show Wednesday Dec 26th 2018 Hour Two – Lowell Ponte, Geopolitical Science Journalist, Ways to Fund a Border Wall, Creative Politics, STOP Talking to Pelosi and Schumer Democrat Obstructionists, Coming Issues for 2019 to 2020 Presidential Election and America and World Issues,

Lowell Ponte, Geopolitical Science Journalist, Ways to Fund a Border Wall, Creative Politics, STOP Talking to Pelosi and Schumer Democrat Obstructionists, Coming Issues for 2019 to 2020 Presidential Election and America and World Issues, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show,

Ways to Fund a Border Wall

Lowell Ponte emphasizes ‘some kind of solution is desperately needed’

WND, December 23, 2018



“Good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost, poet

Democrats have chosen to defund the federal government rather than pay a pittance to protect our country. Some kind of solution is desperately needed. The lack of a solid, impenetrable barrier has flooded the United States with an invasion of up to 22 million illegal immigrants. Many of them describe their coming as “La Reconquista,” the re-conquest of lost territory.

These invaders use chemical weapons, including heroin and fentanyl, two opiates largely supplied by China as it revenges earlier Opium Wars on the West. In 2016 these drugs killed 65,000 Americans, more than died in the entire Vietnam War. These illegals also bring antibiotic-resistant diseases, up to 10 percent of our recent deaths from drunk or drugged driving, and a tidal wave of violent gang members.

Much of our current problem also comes from a progressive welfare state that lures illegal aliens to pick our taxpayers’ pockets. By one estimate, each of them costs the U.S. on average $70,000 per year. Much comes from leftist eagerness to overwhelm our democracy with illegal voters who do not share our values, giving permanent power to socialist Democrats.

Last April Fools’ Day, the one-party State of California made the voter registration of illegals virtually automatic. In last November’s election, by using such tactics as “vote harvesting,” outlawed in most other states, Democrats defeated most remaining California Republican office holders.

The formerly Golden State of California – home to one-third of America’s welfare recipients and one-quarter of its illegal aliens – is now the prototype of our progressive authoritarian future, unless President Trump’s border barrier (whether one calls it a wall, fence, or some other magical name) can change this.

If neither Mexico nor the Democratic Party will agree to pay for the border wall, President Trump does have other ways and means of doing so, as I argued a year ago. He and the Republican Party, for example, could impose a 20 percent tax or tariff on imports, which would be paid in part by Americans in higher prices, to have “Mexico pay for the wall.” Better, we could impose a “border adjustment tax.”

Mr. Trump could restrict or tax the more than $28 billion paid as remittances to relatives in Mexico each year, mostly by illegal aliens in the U.S. This is among the top sources of Mexican revenue, and a significant fraction of it comes directly or indirectly from social benefits we pay to illegals. In 2009 Oklahoma began a small wire transfer fee that by 2017 had raised more than $67.2 million for a drug-control fund. Seized illicit Mexican drug cartel money could also be used to help fund the wall.

Mexico could “pay” for the wall by revenue it loses from illicit drugs, remittances, and American taxpayers if we stem the flood of illegals. Americans could benefit from buying “Wall Bonds,” akin to war bonds, to stop such invaders. We could sell naming rights and advertising along urban sections of the wall.

We could make donations for the wall tax-deductible, or allow tax credits. If the wall costs $25 billion, that would be a one-time cost of only about $78 for each of 323 million Americans – or around $310 for a family of four.

American Thinker pundit Rufus Dickerson proposes “crowdfunding” the wall, which if paid for by only 62 million Trump voters would cost each $396. Many will think it worth that much to keep our country from being taken over, and to save it from perpetual rule by globalist progressives.

In recent days, “Go Fund Me” pages have reportedly raised millions to build a border wall. Some appear to be honest. Others are accused of being get-rich-quick schemes by con artists. Buyer, beware.

Walls work, which as Dr. Victor Davis Hanson says is precisely why Democrats are so determined to block President Trump’s effort to build one on our southern border.

Israel’s new wall has reduced terrorist attacks by up to 95 percent. China is now expanding its ancient Great Wall along its border with North Korea. Even Mexico has built a strong, modern barrier on its southern border with Guatemala to deter illegals, although it failed to stop the surging 2018 mob of immigrants from Central America.

Why do the mainstream media’s “information walls” block any mention of President Barack Obama’s ideological order ending “wet foot-dry foot” amnesty for Cuban Latinos fleeing communism – and inclined to vote Republican? For leftists, today’s illegals are merely a cynical means to their sinister ends. ####