NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday Aug 27th 2019 – Hour Two – Ken Klein,, Visions for Highest Heavens, Hidden Mannah Images, Truth of Great Restoration of Mankind to Heavens, End of Prison Planet Earth, Coming 2020 Movie, Get The Unforgettable Tree Book,, End Times Temple is Spirits in Mankind, NOT a Temple in Israel,

Ken Klein,, Visions for Highest Heavens, Hidden Mannah Images, Truth of Great Restoration of Mankind to Heavens, End of Prison Planet Earth, Coming 2020 Movie, Get The Unforgettable Tree Book,, End Times Temple is Spirits in Mankind, NOT a Temple in Israel,Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,


Author – Ken Klein … Visions of Spiritual Truth Ministry …

  Time Travel and Prophecy

    Even as a young boy who was born after World War Two, I was caught with a fixation on the war years, the people the music, the colossal story itself captivated me. While all my friends were into the Elvis Presley pop culture of the 1950s I was stuck in the 1940s.  I guess one could call me an anachronism. I loved the era. What a story!  The great antagonists, Hitler, Mussolini, the Japanese, and the stakes were so high. The whole world was at war. I fantasied wondering what kind of soldier I would have been, what branch of the service I would have signed up for, would I have died on the beaches of Normandy?  And then there was the great celebration when the United States emerged victorious. I wished I had been in New York along with the multitudes when the party broke out.  What a moment! I constantly put myself back in time. I didn’t realize it then, but I was a time traveler. When the 1960s came around I was so apart, I was socially retarded and very much out of step with my classmates. I was Walter Mitty personified, so great was the nostalgia for the era. I had no idea then but a metaphor was being formed in my heart.  As a result of those people and that time, I have always had a deep sense of patriotism and great love for the military. I was a terrible student not interested in academia in the least. My only interest was to try to find a way back to feel and know and experience what the “great generation” had come through.

     Then I stumbled onto football. It was the only panacea that provided a semblance to fill the void for one who wished he’d been born twenty years earlier.  My fate was sealed, those historic moments in time formed the rudimentary mindset of a time traveler. When Michael J. Fox movie came out “Back to the Future,” and it’s tremendous success, I learned I wasn’t alone, and that most everyone fantasizes about traveling back and forth in time.

    When I first came to Christ after two disastrous and failed attempts at Professional football, I was told that Jesus was the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Here was the first exciting idea I had come upon about God and time.  Alpha and Omega has to do with time. It is one of my greatest hopes that when we escape these mortal bodies, set and appointed to perish in a few paltry years, that our new bodies reserved in the heavens will be able to go backwards and forwards in time. I think they will.

    But for now we only have imagination and memory which are a crude form of time travel. Ezekiel, the great prophet, called those inner workings the “chamber of imagery.”

    As a Jewish boy growing up in a home without Jesus, I had less then zero knowledge of the Bible. When I discovered the scriptures at the ripe old age of twenty-five, I naturally gravitated to the time of the prophets of the Old Testament, and the deeply mysterious book of Revelation. Fast forward from that time fifty years.

    After five decades of study, pioneering and the senior pastorate of three churches, producing twenty films and writing four books, appearing on countless radio and TV shows, you become pretty confident you know something. But what was about to break upon me was totally unprecedented in my walk with Jesus. It was not something that welled up inside nor something I had anticipated. The best way to describe it was a gentle tapping on my shoulder although it wasn’t a physical tapping one could feel, it  was just a very gentle dawning. I have come to understand it was an angelic touch. God sends his proxies, the angels, to minister or render help to those who are the heirs of salvation. But what amounted to a gentle touch would blow up my all my categories and presuppositions about almost everything. Except of course my foundational faith in Jesus. What I was about to be introduced to was a monumental trip back into time.  It wasn’t a booming voice out of heaven or a great light that shone about me it was a very gentle awakening.

    After all those years of Biblical study it dawned on me that I had a very scant knowledge of the first century.  Then as confirmation to the gentle touch, when I read the first chapter of Revelation I noticed where John heard a voice behind him and he had to turn around.  I saw that the voice was behind him which, to him meant he was being allowed to view things in the spiritual realm which was written first before men walked on earth, but to me it was a call that I must turn around and hear the voice of history. I realized that I must turn around and return to the past. I had to go back to the first century. I know what you are thinking. “I want to go forward into the future not backward into the past. I want to know the prophecies! What is going to happen is what I want to know.” I know but a predisposition and fixation and fascination with the future and what is to come is not by itself a healthy diet. Jesus Himself said as much when His disciples questioned Him about, “when is the time of your coming, all these things, and the end of the Age.”?  They too were very interested in the future. He warned them and said, “Be not deceived, for many will come in my name and mislead many.” So are we not to be interested in prophecy? Yes we are but prophecy tends to focus our attention on outward signs. Looking for signs tend to redirect our focus onto the outer world. Paul rebuked the Corinthians when he said, “you look outwardly.”

    When I traveled back twenty centuries I discovered that many thing I had learned were Church traditions.  The most shocking revelation was where Jesus actually died and how he died. Jesus, I had thought died at either the Church of the holy Seplucre or the Garden Tomb.  But according to the bible (for full explanation refer to “The Unforgettable Tree”) Jesus could have only been killed east of the temple, because the centurion who was at the feet of Jesus when He died saw the earthquake and the veil of the temple tear in half. He could only have viewed this from the Mount of Olives which would have been east of the Temple. It would have also been somewhat elevated so that he could look downward into the Temple area. This small fact alone is monumental in proving that tradition is the enemy of the truth, but the whole world persists in the commonly held tradition for the location of Jesus death, burial and resurrection

    In addition when our focus is primarily on the outward world we tend to lose our sensitivity to the spiritual dimension and miss the tremendous benefit of God’s Kingdom now. What I mean by the kingdom now is the apprehension of the work of the Holy Spirit and the visitation of the Lord’s proxies His angel/messenger. We are to know not only by the scripture but by are own experience that the angels are ministering spirits sent to render service to the heirs of salvation is not just some remote idea.  It is to be an experiencial spiritual reality. The spiritual stairway for most, however, is cluttered with mental debris and the angels are blocked.  It is time to remove the clutter and unblock the stairway.

    As we look for the return of Jesus by straining our neck to apprehend the outward signs we loose sight of the most fundamental aspect of prophecy itself. “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Do we really have a testimony of Jesus. We may say, “Oh yes, I remember when I got saved many years ago, but do we have a present testimony of Jesus and what He is doing in our lives now, today, not decades ago. What He is doing in me occurs by the overshadowing of His Kingdom. If we are having revelation of His word by the spirit and visitation by the angels we have the testimony of Jesus and we have the spirit of prophecy. I guarantee that if you have an angelic visitation you are going to have a testimony. King David of Israel said, Lord you have visited me on my bed, when I was asleep. If we are called to redeem the time then the night time when we are asleep must be redeemed. Angelic visitations have changed the world.

     But the key to the access of the angels rests upon one thing and it was this one thing that the great apostle Paul determined and was what Paul was primarily concerned with in his day. In fact he said it this way,

“For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. I was with you in much fear and trembling.”  1 Cor 2:3

That was his singular focus to know Christ and Him crucified. Until we come to a full recognition of this primary focus we will at best flitter around spiritual reality. But the Lord has better things in mind for us. I did not come to fully grasp the magnitude until I wrote the book “The Unforgettable Tree” when I discovered the exact location of Christ death. The tradition for Catholics holds that Jesus died a the Church of the Holy Sepluchre. The Protestants and Pentacostles believe it was the Garden Tomb north of the Damascus gate. The exact location does not alter ones salvation but a more exact knowledge of where He died leads to the precise knowledge of how He died. And how He died affects our complete understanding of the powerful affect of His death. The affect of His death on our daily lives is the regenerating power necessary for keeping our hearts and minds receptive to the ministry of His angels and His Kingdom today, and everyday.

     In the Old Testament days when the outer temple was standing ( the outer temple was a shadow of the New Testament temple which is His church the people) it was necessary for the Jewish priest to sprinkle the temple the altar, the holy of holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the people, and just about everything with blood. It took blood to cleanse and sanctify everything. Today the cleansing is by the blood of Jesus which needs to be sprinkled on our hearts daily, and even throughout the day, because of the sin that so easily besets us.  We have to manage and maintain our hearts and minds. We do this through the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus in prayer.

    There is a traditional where, how, and why Jesus died but there is more to the story then what has come down through the centuries. As we oil the rusty centuries of history we will see with crystal clarity the incredible story of not only where but how and why Jesus died.

     It must be carefully underscored that If you and I continue to neglect the need to have our spirit which is my heart sprinkled with the blood, the less I become receptive to the Kingdom of God whether by the conviction of the Holy Spirit or the ministry of the angels. The lack of attention to the ongoing  maintenance and management of our heart produces what is called the hardening of heart. But now we can see more exactly where how and why Jesus died for us with greater depth of understanding in how critical it is to apply His regenerating blood daily. No wonder Paul said, “I was with you with great fear and trembling.” Let us fear and tremble with Paul lest we come short of all that God would have us become.

Ken Klein is film producer of twenty documentary films and author of a number of books.  His current book release is  “The Unforgettable Tree,” the where, how, and why Jesus died.