NutriMedical Report Fri Feb 14th ’20 Hr2 SARS Schlanger SARS Readiness

Harley Schlanger,,, World Not Ready for Global Pandemic, Global Satanic Plan for Popula tion Reduction Tracking and Control in Block Chain Cybernetic MatriXX Supercomputers, Collapse of China Communists with SARS Bioweapon Release, Only Solution is First Line of Defense Kit Plus, Quantum Screening, PCR Confirmation, 30 day Isolation and Viral Elmination Therapies to Prevent CD4 Cell Count Drop and Cytokine Storm Leading to DEATH, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M ACOEM ABIME CCFP ABFP FNMB,  NutriMedical Report Show,,,