Maca Collective Agreement

MACA is committed to promoting and protecting the professional interests of its members and the administration of justice and works, on behalf of its members, to establish collective agreements. The archived collective agreements are listed below, in alphabetical order, according to the occupational code. Establishment of a collective bargaining relationship with the employer of its members. Can`t find the archived collective agreement you`re looking for? Look for older versions of archived collective agreements. This unit includes carpenters, painters, carpenters, locksmiths and sheet metal workers. This unit provides maintenance for our district. There are about 90 members in this unit. . American College of Trial Lawyers Code of Pre-trial and Trial Conduct This unit is comprised of licensed teachers, nurses, social workers, and language pathologists who provide direct courses and services to students in our K12 programs.

There are about 3,946 members in this unit. E.K. Williams Law Library, University of Manitoba Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba: This unit is composed of electricians, electronics engineers and telecommunications personnel. There are about 18 members in this unit. . This bargaining unit is subject to the provisions of the MPSASP contract. There are about 114 members in this unit. Promote the improvement of the conditions of employment of its members.

This unit is made up of office and office workers, technicians such as computer assistants, network engineers, health assistants and licensed nurse practitioners. There are approximately 344 members in this unit. Manitoba Courts – Practical Tips and Instructions:. Manitoba Law Libraries Online Public Access Computer (OPAC) Government of Manitoba Electronic Status: Promotion and promotion of the professional development of its members. To represent its members with respect to wages, pensions, working hours, other working conditions and all other matters related to the relationship between its members and their employer. This unit is made up of teaching assistants, special educators, associate educators, bilingual program assistants and child care assistants who provide direct support to students, teachers and parents in our learning community. There are about 1892 members in this unit. This unit is composed of regional councils and associated staff who work with confidential information and confidential affairs at the Educational Services Centre. There are about 110 members in this unit. British Columbia Courthouse Library Society (BCCLS): Do all things that are random or conducive to the realization of the above objects.

Below is a list of resources that may be of interest to Crown Attorneys, the legal community and the public. These sites are shared for convenience and information. Although we try to ensure that these sites are up to date and provide accurate information, they are outside of MACA and no endorsement of content is made on these sites. This unit is composed of regional councillors who were to hold a bachelor`s degree and who had to work in different functions throughout the district. There are approximately 121 members in this unit. This unit is made up of bus drivers, distributors and mechanics who provide transportation and related services to the borough. There are approximately 173 members in this unit. Manitoba Court Registry System: Manitoba Courts – Main Page: This unit is composed of licensed elementary, secondary and secondary school principals and school heads. This unit employs approximately 129 people. . This unit is composed of mechanics and instrument repairs.

There is 1 member in this unit.. . .