International Exclusive Distributor Agreement Sample

3 Where a potential customer requests a product offer from the company that plans to ship the product to the territory, the company will compensate the business partner appropriately for any assistance provided at the request of the company in connection with a sale resulting from such an offer. 3. Business Partner Insurance In order to induce the Company to enter into this Agreement, the Business Partner and its sub-signed delegate warrant and declare that the Business Partner is a duly organized and well-respected corporate entity and that it remains in the Territory in accordance with all applicable laws. The distributor was not created primarily to enter into this AGREEMENT or handle the products, and its store is not exclusively or primarily dedicated to the purchase and resale of the products. Distributor is and will remain an independent contractor with respect to its relationship with the company. one. Subject to the conditions set out in this Exclusive Distribution Agreement, the Supplier appoints the Distributor and the Distributor accepts such appointment and agrees to act as the Supplier`s exclusive distributor for the Supplier Products (defined below) in the geographical area (the “Area”) defined as follows: each month, the Distributor shall give the Supplier a continuous revenue forecast of 3 months, without commitment, expected sales of supplier products send in the area by e-mail. In addition, the distributor must provide such other information in a timely manner in response to the provider`s requests for information on the distributor`s activities in the territory. Such requests may include lists of interested parties and the status of potential customers` sales activities, information relating to certain distribution activities, data on competition in the region, product operating data and other information that the supplier needs to effectively coordinate its international sales and marketing efforts. The designation of the distributor by the supplier in section 1 of this agreement is an exclusive date for the distribution of the products in the territory.

The supplier may not independently advertise, promote and sell supplier products, support supplier products or designate additional distributors for supplier products in the region. The parties agree that the distributor I. ASSOCIATION is an exclusive distributor of Hersteller_______________________ in the countries of __ OBLIGATIONS 1. The distributor undertakes to actively and conscientiously promote the sale of the products in the territory during the lifetime. The manufacturer refers to requests from distributors for products in the region. 2. The Distributor undertakes to promote the names of the manufacturer and the products in the Territory during the term of this Agreement. The distributor undertakes to inform the manufacturer of any information of interest granted for the products. III. MANUFACTURER`S SUPPORT The manufacturer undertakes to provide the distributor with adequate quantities of catalogues, manuals, advertising literature and other sales aids provided by the manufacturer. These sales aids are available in English.

The manufacturer also undertakes to provide the distributor with appropriate home office support and technical assistance under conditions to be agreed from time to time. IV. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The distributor may not use the manufacturer`s trade names and/or trademarks without the prior written consent of the manufacturer. Under no circumstances may the distributor use at any time the trade names, trademarks or other protected information of the manufacturer as part of the distributor`s company or trade name. At the end of this Agreement, the distributor shall remove any reference to the manufacturer from its letterheads, advertising writings and business premises and shall not subsequently use similar or misleading names or marks that give the impression that there is a relationship between the parties. . . .